January 1, 2021, marked the five year anniversary of this daily drawing marathon. In celebration of the project, and to aid their dispersion, I featured a set of five drawings from the archives each week through the end of 2020. Forty drawings total. The big sale is over, but the collection is still available to view and collect HERE. The remaining works are available at a discount for the Summer of 2021. Happy Summer!

Framed Examples

Framed drawing installed, and available for purchase, at Portrait Society Gallery, Milwaukee
Example of Ten drawings installed.

(left) Single framed drawing (160711). Available for purchase at Portrait Society Gallery, Milwaukee, WI
(right) Set of ten drawings installed. Courtesy of Henry Lee House, Denver, CO

Drawing As Hyperobject

Every day I complete a drawing and each of these is a small piece of a much larger object called Daydrawing. Since January 1, 2016, I have added one panel per day to the drawing. Of key importance to the work is that it has no defined size and is in continuous creation. The drawing is conceived to exist in many locations at once; it eludes time and space in its scope.

Each daily addition is rendered in powdered graphite and is a keyhole view into a supplementary universe, a hallucinatory daydream that responds in part to observations throughout my day, and in part to narratives already at play within the Daydrawing universe.

Please email to inquire about a purchase, collaboration, subscription, or visiting artist engagement. cwooddraw at gmail dot com. Or, visit the Contact Page.

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Christopher T Wood