Daydrawing Year Four

Two thousand nineteen brought big changes to the Daydrawing process. In July, the studio moved from Philadelphia to Milwaukee. It was sad to close down the wonderful space in Philly's Callowhill neighborhood (also known as "Eraserhood" - the area that partially inspired David Lynch's film, Eraserhead). The process of moving an art studio can be major disruption to work flow, and in cases like mine required purging a lot of studio furniture, supplies, collections of found materials, etc. But these things can also be good in that they shake up routine and can encourage fresh perspectives. 
Milwaukee is a wonderful city - a great place to live as an artist, and very welcoming to Daydrawing. The project was featured in a three-person exhibition about daily art practices at Portrait Society Gallery running mid-November through January 2020. The show was very well received and many drawings found homes in the region. A great beginning to a new city and a new year. 
If there are any special dates you would like to see, you can find most every drawing from the project on the Instagram feed @christophertwood. Dates are listed with the numeric code, YYMMDD. Please send me a message for more information or photographs. All drawings are 9 x 12 inches, powdered graphite on paper. Available with or without framing.