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The year 2022 was another landmark for Daydrawing. From April 2022 through March 2023 the daily project took up residence at Milwaukee's oldest and most prestigious hotel, The Pfister. I am honored to be selected as their 13th Artist-In-Residence.

Since setting up the studio here, the daily works were informed by stories of the people visiting the hotel. The studio was open to the public, who were encouraged to sit down and share their thoughts, stories, or poems using a vintage Smith-Corona typewriter that lived in the studio. Their collected tales informed the daily work. As visitors purchase individual pieces for their own collections, the united narrative is dispersed around the world, further linking us all to one another.

The residency has concluded, but you can still collect pieces created at the Pfister Hotel right here. You will also be able to view a selection of these drawings in the permanent collection of The Pfister.

AIR studio door, the Smith-Corona, Astra visits the studio